Hey guys! So, I’ve been following and patronizing Fashion Nova for quite some time now. For a while I noticed that they only had curvy or ‘blessed’ females on their website as models. Mind you, they’ve always carried my size (which I LOVE! Thanks guys!) I always wondered though…

If you carry my size, why not display it through models that look like me?

Then suddenly it happened. They started posting models of all shapes and sizes! I was so excited. They brought out their plus size collections, but most importantly, finally us ‘skinny’ girls got some love on the Instagram page. I went into the comments to see if anyone else was as happy as I was; and the comments had me SHOOK!! I don’t know why it shocked me, to be honest. There were persons insinuating that the model was hungry, anorexic, and those are just the nicer versions of the comments.




















Can you say H E A R T   B R O K E N?!??!

Why is it okay to encourage someone that is considered overweight, or voluptuous but tear down someone who is underweight and not so curvy?! Why is there a committee that protects ‘fat shaming‘ but there’s a DEBATE on whether or not ‘skinny shaming‘ is really a thing?!??! How are we on this ‘Self Love‘ wave but only allowing the big girls to surf?!?

It’s just DISGUSTING! I don’t know why I was so taken aback when this was something I knew happened all the time. Skinny shaming is something that I’ve battled with all my life. I’d be minding my own business and someone would comment about how small I am. They’d ask dumb questions like…

Do you eat? What do you eat?

A few times I’ve been tempted or have actually said something along the lines of, “I drink water and eat bread.” Why is it okay for you to make comments to skinny women like “I bet you don’t eat much huh?” at the buffet line; but you’d think twice to say “I bet you eat all the food at home” to a voluptuous woman?

You would think after the whole body positivity thing started that persons would be a bit more respectful to us who are naturally skinny. It’s 2018!!! With all of the self love promotions, mental health awareness, increases in suicide and the like, people would just… ‘get it‘ by now. That’s a post for another day… honestly I’m drained just thinking about it.

Despite all the negativity, I’d say that I’m glad that Fashion Nova continues to post and uplift. I do believe they started deleting some of the rude comments as well. BRAVO guys! You’ve found a loyal customer in me. My birthday is coming up..(Sept. 14) look out for my order! lol Oh, and kudos to those that took the time out to defend the model and uplift her!

I’ll end on a positive note. I’m finally in a position where I’ve accepted the fact that I’m just naturally skinny. Yes, I’d still like to gain a few pounds but this time it’s actually for me. I wanna fill out the clothes I have now, as opposed to going up a few sizes as some persons suggested growing up (rolls eyes). You know, get them curves in the right places lol. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m probably going to always be the president of the IBTC (itty bitty titty committee) and I’ve started to feel blessed after hearing about the backaches friends have. Praise Him!!

Have you ever been a victim of #SkinnyShaming ? If so comment below, I’d like to know your story!  To those out there that are struggling to love your body in a world that idolizes curves, boobs and big butts be encouraged. Despite my whole acceptance I still become annoyed when persons make rude comments that they FEEL are compliments. But hey, let us continue to flaunt those skinny legs in those cute shorts and dresses (took me a while to do this too). Ignore the naysayers and LIVE. Who says us “skinnys” can’t be sexy?!? Here are a few photos of me ‘killin’ a few of my Fashion Nova finds. Post a fierce photo of yourself on Instagram with the hashtag #SkinnyAndKillinIt I’d love to see all of you beauties! xoxo

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