Hey ya’ll! If you follow me on Instagram and YouTube, (if not what are you doing?!) you’d know that I’ve been dabbling into makeup on and off for a while now. I’m quite the amateur. I’d say I’ve done a pretty OKAY job when it came to looking ‘presentable’. Here are a few shots of me attempting to be my own MUA.







How’d I do? Lol leave a comment below….. and be nice ya’ll. The last two photos show my growth after using a newfound tips and tricks. I do apologize for any horrible photo quality.

Now that we’re in the era of this newfound Instagram Baddie world, I think it’s about time I keep up with the masses (just a tad bit). So I’ve been trying to take makeup a little more seriously this year. I’ve started purchasing quality products here and there (i.e Fenty! lol) I haven’t really done anything profound with my face as yet (it’s already August, I know!) However, I’ve been taking notes from my friend Dawn Marie an actual MUA as she used my face as a canvas.  Here are a few shots:











Feel free to follow her on Instagram @closetofcolors_mua 

I’ll be updating you guys on my newfound tips and products as time progresses. Let’s see if this amateur can become a semi-pro before the year is out! Who wants to join me on this journey? How are your makeup skills? Comment below.

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