If you’re natural I’m sure you’ve experienced the dreaded episode of matted or tangled hair. While I can’t promise you that it won’t happen again; I do have a few tips for minimizing it. If you’re interested in learning how to minimize tangles in your natural hair, keep reading! OR if you’re not up for reading check out the video below.

Here are 5 tips to help you minimize tangling for natural hair.

  • Co-wash regularly¬†

Co-wash is the term used for washing your hair with just conditioner. This gives your hair a much needed moisture boost. What some may not know is that co-washing can help minimize tangles because it moisturizes and softens your hair making it more manageable.

  • Detangle your hair thoroughly

Whenever you co-wash, deep condition, wash with shampoo or even style your hair, you want to make sure you thoroughly detangle your hair. Trust me, I know that taking short cuts during this stage is SO tempting. However, if you’re anything like me, you’ve definitely suffered the consequences of giving in to the lazy spirit. If you do it properly in the beginning you’ll avoid huge tangles and matting.

  • Sleep in Twists

Twisting your hair at night basically kills two birds with one stone. You avoid matted and flat hair in the morning and also gain a cute twist-out. Now I don’t know about you, but this is a challenge for me! BUT the benefits are so awesome. So maybe we can make a little more effort to do this one? Just maybe.

  • Wear stretched hairstyles

As we all know, tangles occur when our natural hair curls up on itself and somehow interlocks. Wearing stretched styles helps to avoid and minimize tangles because your hair isn’t in it’s curly state. It’s more on the straight end of the spectrum, which allows you to floss a little bit of length while avoiding tangles.

  • Remove shed hair as you go

Try to remove the shed hair every time you style or moisturize your hair. Our hair sheds at least 100 strands a day. I find that when I remove the shed hair as I go, it lessons the amount of tangles AND the amount of time spent detangling on wash days. Talk about a win win!!

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