By: KC (guest writer)

My testimony it is not easy. It’s kind of a long story. By the time I graduated high school, I had lost count of the number of laws that I’ve broken. By the end of my time in college I have lost count of the number of near-death experiences that I’ve had. In truth, without question, I know that I should not be here…alive today. People can jump up and debate whether or not there is a God. But I have been through so many experiences, that talking them up to a coincidence could not explain. These experiences have strengthened my faith. God has time and time again stepped into my life asserted his presence and reminded me that I am his child. My testimony is this. That no matter what we have done in the past, even who we have been in our past. No matter the present situations or circumstances, God is all-powerful and it’s bigger than our problems. Trust him ​

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