So… I’m about to enter into the book of Amos. Although I haven’t even read the first word of chapter one as yet, I must say that God sure has a way of nudging his children and bringing things to the forefront of our minds. The Bible I recently purchased has notes, explanations and is an all around great tool for Bible Study (Life Application Study Bible, NLT). It basically gave me a summary of what the entire chapter is about and the key points to look out for. Under each chapter there’s also a breakdown of each verse.

The summary starts off with the fact that when we hear “man of God” we automatically assume someone of position. We think of pastors, missionaries and other well-known and respected persons. Amos, however, was an ordinary shepherd. It goes on to mention how he could have continued on with his normal life providing for his family, and worshiping God. However, he was obedient to the vision and instructions of God.

This got me thinking of my own life. There were and still are small and huge projects that fill my ‘thought bubble’ on a daily basis. Some of them are easy to do and some give me a little bit of anxiety, if I’m allowed to be honest. The thing about it is, like Amos, I also have a choice. I have a choice to be complacent and go on with my normal life working and participating in small events at church; or I can suck it up and fervently work toward the goals and visions that the Lord has placed on my heart. The first option is SO much easier and safer, but I know deep down that I’m supposed to do more.

What if something as small as writing this blog post was all I needed to do for someone to come to Christ or receive motivation to do the work of the Lord.  Imagine that I neglected to do it. It would pain me to find out that my disobedience to something that seems so trivial caused a minor setback in something so great.

So here I am. Kinda excited to chew up this book with my eyes lol. Awaiting the many lessons I can take from it and the other passages to come. Here I am with all of my laziness, struggles, excuses, and whatever else that hinders my progress. I am, yet again, placing them at the feet of God and pressing on to overcome this complacency. If I have to do this a million times, I will. Care to join?

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