So the other day I sent myself loads and loads of documents via email in order to transfer them to another device. I went to retrieve them from my email, and it had a list of the documents but I needed to click load on each of them in order for them to show. So I went down the list clicking load and then I went back down the list looking at each of the documents to make sure it was the right thing. So now, I had to click save for each and every last one in order to obviously save it onto the device.

As I was clicking save for them, and after a few minutes of downloading, each one changed from save to ‘saved’. The thought then ran across my mind that, sometimes I wish I could do that with my family members and friends. The ones that don’t know the Lord and the ones that know Him but aren’t really living for Him. I wish I could just load them all up on a list and click save and by doing that they would just be saved and all of us would basically live happily ever after in heaven, or something. But I realized that I can’t even save myself! So how am I trying to carry the burden of saving someone else’s soul when I can’t even do it for myself? I need Jesus, and I needed Jesus to do what He did on the cross in order for me to be saved. I needed to accept Him into my life and into my heart; and live for Him on my own. I needed to make that decision.

We all have free will and I chose Christ. So, the same thing goes for my family and friends, whereas they need to make that decision for themselves. It just hurts my heart sometimes that I want to push people. Push them to Christ, you know? But we need to be careful because when we do that, it can sometimes cause them to pull away from Him even more. So the best thing to do is to pray for our loved ones and show them love. Show them the love of Christ through our actions and kind words and encouragement. That’s basically all we can do on behalf of them. We can’t save them; only Jesus can. Acts chapter 4 shows us this in saying that “It is by Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified but whom God raised from the dead… Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” (v. 10- 12 NIV) 

So if you have loved one that you’re worried about, or whom you would give anything to see be saved, just pray. Pray that they would come to Jesus sooner than later. Pray that they would declare with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and wholeheartedly accept Him into their heart to be saved (Romans 10:9-10). But most of all show them love, because the only glimpse of Jesus or the only ‘Bible’ that will encourage them to do so, is us. Be encouraged.

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