So I went on a trip recently, which was A-maz-ing, if I might add. The night before, I stuffed my bag with EVERYTHING I thought I would need. Unfortunately I’m one of those organization freaks that needs control over my life (sigh). Despite that, the bag wasn’t as heavy. Pretty puffy, but not heavy. It was manageable. However, as I was preparing to come home things got a little chaotic. I got everything back in by the grace of God, but it wasn’t packed as neatly as I would have liked it to be. The bag even got heavier, due to the fact that I added a few things along with the huge amount of items I initially traveled with. The bag almost felt like a burden on my life! Dramatic much? But seriously, it was just my sister and I travelling which meant that I had to depend on myself to carry around that heavy bag. Did I mention I had another shoulder bag, along with that, with my laptop?

Upon returning home, I¬†realized I bruised my arm carrying around all the weight of that bag. Seriously guys, I was not exaggerating. It was a STRUGGLE. Seeing that bruise got me thinking though. I thought about how¬†sometimes we basically bruise and batter ourselves trying to carry the load life throws at us. Trying to handle everything that’s weighing us down and burdening us;
when we already have a Savior that took all of it away from us. Instead of letting go of the weight of this world, we hold onto it. We don’t want to give him the baggage or load that we can’t handle. Instead, we turn into Mr. or Miss ‘know it all’ and insist on taking care of everything on our own.

We were not created to be an island, so we don’t have to go through life alone. We are to carry each other’s burdens simply because it is the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2). And whenever we feel as though our burdens are still too much for our brothers and sisters, Psalm 55:22 tells us to cast all of our cares and burdens onto the Lord and He’ll take care of us. So tell me something. If the Lord already carries our burdens on a daily basis (Psalm 68:19), why is it that we insist on taking them back from Him? So please, let’s make a conscious effort to truly allow God to carry our burdens. Be blessed.

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