And He said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
Matthew 4:19

I had always been the type of person to share positive quotes, scriptures and photos whenever I came across them. I figured, if it brightened my day it may do the same for someone else. However, I began to think that it wouldn’t matter if I posted them or not. It’s not like anyone commented on them as much. I barely got likes for them. I had even made up my mind to stop posting them on social media, because I didn’t think anyone paid attention to them. That was until I started receiving random messages from a few persons saying how much they appreciated my posts. I was shocked!!

Me: You actually read those?!
Person: Yes, I don’t comment on them but I kinda expect them now days… something positive to look forward to.

Isn’t it interesting to know that persons can be observing us from a distance, without us being aware? Whether we’re doing something positive or negative, we may actually be affecting more lives than we think. With that being said, we usually feel as though in order to evangelize we have to be in the forefront preaching, or showing up at persons doorsteps with a Bible in hand. Don’t get me wrong, that is what it’s all about. However, everyone isn’t called to be a preacher, or to do the “walk-about ministries”. You don’t have to be a famous writer, pastor etc. to be a blessing to people, or to carry out evangelism.

Simply living a life that is pleasing to God, continuing to grow, and displaying Christ-like love to others can be our contribution. We just never know who we are blessing/encouraging simply by the way we live our daily lives. There may be someone out there watching and admiring us to a point where they feel motivated to do better. Or, if we’re not living up to the standard we are called to as Christians, there may be somebody who’s being discouraged and turned off from Christianity. So as we go about our day, let us try to think of small ways we can plant a seed into the lives of others. We may be the only gateway to Christ that persons will ever encounter. So let’s go out there and become fishers of men!

Here are a few ways we can be fishers of men:
 simply being a friend         ✞ blogging        creating inspirational videos

✞ singing in the choir            ✞dance ministry    ✞ positive quotes and scriptures on social media
✞ being positive and friendly at work     ✞ smiling at persons and greeting them when you walk by

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