It’s been a while since I’ve posted. You would think that it’s because of the usual excuses: Internet connection was bad, I didn’t have the time, or the infamous case of writer’s block. Fortunately, yet shamefully, none of those were the case.

I simply didn’t feel like writing. I didn’t feel like encouraging anyone; maybe I should be on the receiving end for a change, I thought. No one would miss my posts. I’m not even sure if anyone reads these. I figured I should take time to myself. Take a break from reading the Bible daily, praying for others, and keeping up with all of the spiritual aspects of life. Yes, I believe that God places blog posts on my heart to share, but I deserve a break. He’d understand….. right?

Typical mindset of us Christians. When doing things for God become less exciting, or when we feel as though life isn’t going the way we planned, we try to rationalize why it’s okay to ‘take a break’. All of a sudden it’s okay to take a break from the daily tasks that God expects us to perform because we now need to focus on ourselves.¬†What if we were to flip the script? What if God decided that He ‘deserved a break’? What if He decided to stop listening to prayers? waking persons up? comforting us? providing for us? What if He didn’t feel¬†like intervening that car crash that should have taken place? We would understand…. right?

Wrong. We would throw a tantrum ranting about how God is allowing misery into our lives. All of a sudden it doesn’t seem fair when it’s the other way around. We call on God for everything and feel like we have some entitlement. Yet we rationalize our selfish behaviors and thoughts. How interesting.

Maybe we should think about that whenever we decide that it’s okay to take a break from God. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to rest. Even God himself rested (Genesis 2:2). However, He calls us to Him when we are weary and need rest (Matthew 11:28), and doesn’t encourage us to pull away from Him. It is in Him where we truly find comfort and rest when feeling overwhelmed.

What I find most interesting, though, is the fact that this post was placed on my heart while I was ‘taking a break’. Talk about internal conviction! So if I happen to ever step on anyone’s toes in a blog post, just know that mine are usually aching beyond measure as I type. We all struggle in this journey to becoming Christ-like. Let us continue to turn to the one who can actually help us during such struggles, Christ Himself.

Be blessed.

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