My church recently participated in a Sunday School competition. This refreshed my memory of one of my favorite Bible stories; the story of Samuel. 1 Samuel chapters 1-3 to be exact.  During a personal Bible study session, back in October 2014, I remember reading chapters 1 and 2. After reading those two chapters I was dumbfounded. It was not the first time I had heard of or read the story, but it was the first time I had truly meditated on it.

I was just so amazed of how faithful God is; but most of all I was more amazed of Hannah’s faithfulness. I mean, think about it. Hannah was unable to have kids and she wept and was saddened year after year, while being provoked by Peninnah. She finally made a vow to God stating that if He had blessed her with a son she promised to give him back to the Lord all his days. When the Lord granted her with a son (Samuel) she did just that. She gave him to the Lord! She took him to the temple and he ministered there.

Now just reading that story, it’s easy to say “Okay… so what? She made a promise and kept it.” But think of it this way. This woman cried for years, was unable to eat, and could barely sleep all because she was unable to bare a child. She finally conceived and gave him up! Was there ever a time you made a “deal” with God and when He came through with His end of the bargain you had a hard time with your end?

I found that mind blowing! She actually went through with it. What was even more amazing though, was the result of her faithfulness. After she gave Samuel to the Lord, she was blessed with 3 sons and 2 daughters!!! This woman’s womb was closed!! That just goes to show that ANYTHING is possible with God.

If this were you, would you be able to go through with giving up the one and only thing you’ve prayed for all your life? I’ll be honest and say that I would struggle with keeping my end of the bargain. We struggle with giving in to God daily and are sometimes afraid to give up or sacrifice the little we have. We try to hold onto everything tightly, not remembering who gave it to us in the first place. We seem to forget that He has the power to give us so much more.

Stories like this one can serve as a reminder to us all as we struggle with surrendering to God on a daily basis. This is just one example that reminds us of how God rewards faithfulness. Feel free to share other examples.

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