For the past few months I’ve had this urge to start writing. As the days went by, the urge became stronger and stronger, and I contemplated starting a personal blog. I thought to myself, “I’m not the best at writing, and what would I write about anyway?” Immediately a thought came to mind, as if I were answering myself. The answer seemed so simple. “Just create the blog and the rest will handle itself.”

Was I going crazy, or was God giving me simple and clear instructions? For some strange reason I did not want to believe it was the latter, so I ignored the idea. I mean, seriously, why would God want ME to start a blog? Who would want to read what I had to say? What could I possibly write about or share with the world? I’m not Heather Lindsey, although I do admire her and love following everything that she posts.

But then the story of Moses came to me; and I remembered how Moses gave God every excuse he could think of as to why he was unable to approach Pharaoh (Exodus 3-4). He did not think that he was important enough. The part that really hit me, though, was when Moses said that he was not eloquent but slow of speech and tongue. God’s response was, ““Who has made man’s mouth? Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing, or blind? Is it not I, the Lord? Now therefore go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall speak.”(Exodus 4:10-12)

Doesn’t this sound familiar? Sometimes God places ideas in our minds and in our hearts, but we doubt ourselves so much that we never go through with it. Think about it. If God places something on your heart, don’t you think that He will provide you with the necessary tools to get the job done? I thought, maybe it’s time for me to create my blog. Maybe it’s time to push my fears aside and “just do it!” (Nike reference Lol) I don’t know what God’s purpose for this blog is, but I’m pretty excited to find out. I may not be the best at writing, and I may display an abundance of grammatical errors. However, I’m pretty sure that if anyone finds this blog, they will be able to understand what I’m at least ‘trying’ to say. Maybe I won’t be the next Heather Lindsey, but it would be really nice if I’m able to encourage or inspire some random stranger…. somewhere in the world.

So here it is…. My first blog post. I hope you enjoy, and maybe this will inspire someone out there to finally push their fears aside and accept God’s plan for their life.

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