I did my big chop nearly a month ago, and there was one thing that really stood out to me. The reactions of others. It’samazing how much MY decision seemed to affect others……or made them feel “some type of way”. I mean, it’s MY hair…….right? Clearly not.

I understand that seeing someone with a new haircut can be shocking; especially if they’ve had long hair all their life. I get that…..I really do. However, a lot of persons came at me with comments and questions like:

“Why did you cut your hair? It was so beautiful and long.”
“OMG you’re so crazy! I wouldn’t have cut my hair if it were that long.”
“I loved your straight hair. You may regret it.”
“Wow, you think it’ll grow long? Natural hair usually stay short.”
“What if it doesn’t suit you?” (Excuse you?!)
“I’m not sure if I like it….. it will take some time getting used to.”

And so on…..

Do you see the trend? Somehow they’ve made MY decision about THEM. Excuse me?!?! I wasn’t aware that I needed to “check in” with everyone else before I made decisions that I thought were for me. Silly me! I simply ignored the negative persons and focused on why I made the decision in the first place. I love my natural look, and I have no regrets.

But despite the negative comments or reactions I may have gotten, I got LOADS of positive ones from others. My advice for anyone that recently did their big chop or is about to do it: Forget about what THEY think, and focus on what YOU think. Focus on those that shower you with positivity and show support to the life changing decision you’ve made (or are about to make). Not everyone is going to agree with your choices in life, but you’re not living for them. Are you?

Tell me about your experiences! What advice do you have for persons who are experiencing negativity about their newly natural hair?

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