Well, I finally did it….. The Big Chop!! I was about 9 1/2 months into my transition. My initial plan was to wait until a full year, however I became FED UP. I was fed up with the suspense of finding out how my hair would look and feel. Fed up with having to deal with THREE textures. Not one…….not two……THREE. You see, I had began to transition from “bone-straight” relaxed hair to texlaxed hair (this is just under processed relaxed hair that still has some texture/waves). As a result of this, I ended up with bone-straight, texlaxed, and my natural new growth during my transition to natural. Talk about torture!

Wash days became unbearable and my hair tangled A LOT. So I messaged my friend Nae and told her “the time has come!” (Lol dramatic much?). We met up a few days later, along with two of my other friends and she did my chop for me. I began to experience a whole lot of mixed feelings. I was anxious and excited, but at the same time nervous and fearful. I’ve had relaxed hair since age 4, so I never got the chance to really experience my natural hair. I didn’t know how it looked, felt, behaved….. (you got the picture). Thankfully, I have the most supportive friends EVER!! So the process was smooth. We laughed and talked straight through the whole thing. ​

with conditioner

dry and stretched








So……was it “liberating” like many have describe it to be? Heck no! (at least not for me) I stared blankly at my hair for a few seconds and my eyes started to become full. You guessed it! This big baby surely did shed a few crocodile tears for her precious locks. I had finally surpassed my hair goal of bra strap length and I had just cut it all off!!

The tears didn’t last long though. My friends actually loved it, and started cheering me up. I guess I felt a bit overwhelmed. My hair turned out to be a lot longer than expected (when stretched). I know one thing is for sure…. I don’t regret it one bit!!! I love my hair! I encourage anyone who is thinking about doing the chop to go ahead, once you are ready. It’s a life changing experience!

Feel free to share your big chop experiences. If you are planning to do the big chop, share your thoughts! Also, check out my big chop video.

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