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November 15, 2017
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August 14, 2018

Guess Who’s Getting Into MAKEUP!

Hey ya’ll! If you follow me on Instagram and YouTube, (if not what are you doing?!) you’d know that I’ve been dabbling into makeup on and off for a while now. I’m quite the amateur. I’d say I’ve done a pretty OKAY job when it came to looking ‘presentable’. Here are a few shots of me attempting to be my own MUA.







How’d I do? Lol leave a comment below….. and be nice ya’ll. The last two photos show my growth after using a newfound tips and tricks. I do apologize for any horrible photo quality.

Now that we’re in the era of this newfound Instagram Baddie world, I think it’s about time I keep up with the masses (just a tad bit). So I’ve been trying to take makeup a little more seriously this year. I’ve started purchasing quality products here and there (i.e Fenty! lol) I haven’t really done anything profound with my face as yet (it’s already August, I know!) However, I’ve been taking notes from my friend Dawn Marie an actual MUA as she used my face as a canvas.  Here are a few shots:











Feel free to follow her on Instagram @closetofcolors_mua 

I’ll be updating you guys on my newfound tips and products as time progresses. Let’s see if this amateur can become a semi-pro before the year is out! Who wants to join me on this journey? How are your makeup skills? Comment below.

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